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Technical information

Wheels and Tires industry pioneer and manufacturer of HTS wheel systems in the industry with special production and models for the needs investigating ihtyaç in the sector can not be directly exchanged name has managed to be the continued growth and lead to ongoing Hts Wheel turkey with constant renewal policy are exporting to 33 countries except for the 81 provinces. It represents our country in European and Asian countries with its quality wheel products. Our company appeals to 8 different sectors in total. some of these sectors,

Hospital equipment wheels
Furniture wheels
construction and wheelbarrow wheels
Wheels Used in Industry
Supermarket carts wheels
It appeals to many sectors such as luggage and bag wheels. By making our lives easier, systems hts wheel systems lighten our burden.
Our company, which has more than 1000 models as wheels and wheels, is the mouth of the wheel models that we produce decorative and heavy industrial wheels.

Furniture Wheels
We make it easy for you to move your wheel model furniture or to move your furniture easily in decorative areas.
Hotel Equipment Wheels
Telerler is generally used in hotel trolleys, cleaning trolleys, luggage and bags throughout the hotel furniture.
Industrial Wheels
It is an important tool for the wheel industry. It is very difficult to move heavy and tonnage machines from one place to another, but we solve this process with very strong and rolling wheels.
The introduction of the wheel systems into our first life dates back to the first century. The adventure of facilitating our lives with the invention of the first wheel before Christ continued to that date.